You and I

Hi Dear/There ! You know about the original thought theory ? Well i’ll explain. It states that there’s nothing you can say that hasn’t been said before somewhere in history. In this case it works perfectly. I’m supposed to pour my thoughts onto these pages but i’m still sad. Luckily for me, our story is one too many. I’ll just allow my musician friends help with it. Here are some of the lyrics that best explain what i feel. Goodbye *hot tears*

Shayne Ward: “I will never find another lover sweeter than you nor more precious than you. You’re close to me like family yet you’re my friend – you’re my everything. Thank God i met you”. Too sad you don’t feel the same way.

Brandy: “There’s nothing in the world i want more (than your love)”

Kelly Clarkson: “Its like you’re a drug. Its like I’m starved. Its like you’re a Leech sucking life outta me. I know i let you have all the power. Its like i can’t breathe without you inside of me. Its like i can’t feel anything but you. You’re in my thoughts, in my dreams. You’re like a ghost haunting me. I’m addicted to you.”

U2: All i want is you

Natasha Beddingfield: Just like the shadow, i’ll be beside you – i’ll be your comfort. If only i could be your angel

Lady Antebellum: I don’t want you to go but you’re already gone. So this is my goodbye. There’s nothing left to see but i keep reaching out to you. And No we can’t be friends. I don’t think i can stand seeing you with another person.

Secondhand Serenade: I’ll give you my heart. I’ll even give you the air i breathe. You’re my key to sanity (no. I won’t give you the air i breathe. The one you have is enough.)

Wande Coal: Infact i no go lie, the way wey you dey do me they make me lose my mind. Anytime i see your eyes (everytime really), i start day dreaming like i dey high but i’m thinking about you ni. Please don’t try to leave.

Akon: you’re the one i love and will continue loving.

Kelly Clarkson: Because of you, i’ll never stray too far from the side walk. I’ll learn to play on the safe side so i don’t get hurt. Because of you i’m afraid.

Drake: You’re my A thing – All i ever wanted.

Leona Lewis: You cut me open and i keep bleeding.

Lady Antebellum: I wish i was as cold as stone – then i wouldn’t feel a thing. More importantly, i won’t hurt like this.

Secondhand Serenade: A girl like you is impossible to find

Rihanna: If its loving that you want, come share my world.

Lady Antebellum: Just a kiss

Wande Coal: It is you that i want and need.

Bruno Mars: If you ever leave, leave some Morpine at my door because it would take some medication to accept that you’re gone. There’ll be no sunlight here and just like the clouds, my eyes will do the same when you’re gone – They’ll Rain.

These words mean nothing really but they’re truly from my heart. Just add a teary eyed fellow to it and then you have me. (>_<)


*walks away – napkin in hand whilst Usher's There Goes my baby plays in the background*