The Original Thought Theory

Some awesome guy stated one of the greatest truths in truths history. He said -> “No matter what you say/do/think now, someone somewhere in the past has thought about it or said it before”. He called it the Original Thought Theory.

The theory is very true. Very very true. So true i thought about stating it only to discover that it had been said in the past. The principle behind the theory is very simple -> The world has been in existence for a long time now. Tons and tons of people have walked this earth. Some awesome like Robert Downey Jnr and some are not…like that guy that blocked me after i corrected his use of grammer. Stupid boy. I digress…forgive me. Mark Twain said “a favorite theory of mine—to wit, that no occurrence is sole and solitary, but is merely a repetition of a thing which has happened before, and perhaps often.” Yeah question @Wana___ ?

@Wana___ : Sir Zubair, how true is that theory ? Amean. Its just somehow to say that everything i can think of, do or say has been said by probably a Red Indian before no matter how irrational ? What if fart loudly now ? I bet nobody can see that one coming and noone has done it before !

@Jethrovic : False. Li An Xu, 12 BC. did the same thing in the court of Confucius when he was discussing this very topic.

*obviously alarmed @atomquietmoney* : Oh God ! You’re saying someone may have found the fourth hole in females ?

@TheLegalhermit_ : Yes. Sage Quagmire discussed that in one family guy episode. But really, you gotta teach me about it !

@Caballerozubair : Shut Up. Its for people that are actually getting it. Don’t ask me what “it” is.

@Theboythatdoesn’tgetanything : What is….Okay 😦

Now now boys, let me continue my talk here today. I’ll give you high profile examples of the original thought theory in play.

1. The Golden Rule : the greatest rule in human relationships is the golden rule. Thousands of Sages, Senseis, Religious Heads etc have talked about it. Simply put, it says “Do as you would like to be done by”. But popular “derivatives” includes Christ’s “Love Your Neighbours as yourself”, Prophet Muhammed’s “Your faith is incomplete until you love another as yourself”. This concept’s framework appears prominently in many religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Zoroastrianism, and the rest of the world’s major religions. For example, Confucius‘ “Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself” and Others from Lao Tzu, Mozi, Buddha, Maat, Pittacus, and Thales.

2. That Khona Song : once i had too much to eat and got drunk. Yes that can happen. So instead of writing awesome rap lines, awesome love poems or an awesome post, i wrote that khona song. Because my singing voice isn’t sweet on Tuesdays and because of finances, i didn’t follow through. 2 weeks later, BAM !!! Some idiot released it and now its as hot as Zubair. Damn. Same thing happened to me concerning the theory of relativity, DNA structure and embryogenesis.

3. In Movies. Remember when i thought White House Down was the awesomest movie of the year ? And then i heard about Olympus Has Fallen ? White house down is still greater….thats not the issue. The original thought theory comes into play in movies. The plot of the aforementioned movies was basically the same. This isn’t the first time that two movies written independently will have similar themes. Other occurrences include Oblivion and After Earth with both films set on a nearly deserted earth in the future. They have even a very similar movie poster. Others ? There’s Friends with Benefits and No Strings Attached, Apocalypto and 10,000 BC, Flight 93 and United 93.

4. In Football. It was England vs Sweden and we thought we must have seen it all. One of the greatest goals in football history. Never to be seen again or so i thought. Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored a thunderbastard of a goal. Fast forward a few weeks and BAM ? Phillippe Mexes scored a similar goal. Less awesome but basically the same thing. Acrobatic unexpected efforts from about 40 yards out.

5. Isaac Newton and The Apple. Isaac Newton, renowned scientist discovered gravity years ago. He was sitting down under an apple tree and blah blah blah. He discovered gravity. Unknown to him, in faraway Africa, yoruba people already discovered gravity. They said “Que est non çest lavre du eau” which means “No matter how high anything travels, it’ll still fall back to the ground“. If only they explained theirs using a more scientific approach.

There are a thousand more examples of different occurrences like the ones listed example. Some historical ones, some in our present day and time – like Justin Bieber, Wizkid and the Antichrist, Leonardo Da Vinci and Aristotle, witchcraft and the internet etc etc.

Finally, do know of an example like the aforementioned ones supporting the original thought theory ? Or you think you have/know something no one has thought of before ? Kindly comment. Thanks for reading and subscribe today !

Happy Eid Brothers And Sisters 🙂 !!!

Ramadan Posts : Randori

Ramadan post – Randori The Dojo stank of sweat……stale sweat, testosterone and there was a slight tinge of flavored tobacco in the air. This was strictly a male dominated Dojo. Ever since the judo-mat had being ritually purified some 70 years ago a single female has not dared to step into the building and our Sensei was determined to keep it so. Training as usual has being crazy that day, and I use the word crazy to describe it because my oxygen deprived brain can’t seem to think of a better word at the moment. Sensei had been ruthless even up to the point of slashing our normal breaks after each routine technique to half the usual time. By the end of the five-hour stretch training, we were all in a semi-catatonic state. Gasping and groaning on the mat. I didn’t even have enough energy to walk to the water fountain for a sip of water…. That was how exhausted I was. Training was over, but Sensei hadn’t shifted from his kneeling position in front of the class and thus no one dared to leave the mat or even loosen our belts. Obviously he had something on his mind, and since he is a man of few words.. We took whatever he deign to impart on us very seriously. “Joshua step forward” I immediately launched to my feet Bruce Lee style and ran down to the front of the class while at the same time adjusting my Judogi. It wouldn’t do well for one of the most senior belts – a 4th dan black belt in fact – to look unkempt. Even after the rigorous training we just went through. Sensei was a stickler for such details. I kowtowed to the Sensei and assumed the kneeling position. I have no idea why he called me out but I had a feeling that we were gonna get an explanation for the drilling we had gotten today. “Abbas step forward also” Sensei growled. I instantly began to get a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach. I already could discern where this was headed. Abbas was my belt mate, a 4th dan black belter like me. And there was a tradition among belt mates, you either end up as best friends, brothers and in fact watching out for each other… Or you go the other way and end up as rivals… fighting for supremacy even in the same belt. I and Abbas had went that way but we had more of a ‘frenemy’ kinda relationship. We are, friendly rivals. Friendly rivals until things came to an end a month ago and now, we aren’t on speaking terms any more. Abbas was now kneeling opposite me, facing me and at the same time achieving the feat of staring at me and at the same time not seeing me. Things were that bad. “There are things I condone in my Dojo, and there are things I don’t” Sensei was speaking in his dangerously mild voice. “and there are things I’m disappointed to find out are happening on this mat. The fact that I have to call you both out today hurts me, but since you both have decided to act like children, I have decided to treat you both as children”. “You’re my oldest students, you Abbas brought to my Dojo when you were 7 years old by your mother and you Joshua walked in on your own when you were 8, just 2 weeks after Abbas started training because you were being bullied. 15 years on I’ve watched you both grow stronger mentally and physically. And I can boldly say I have had an unyielding influence on your lives. One Muslim, one Christian…Brought up as brothers but choosing to feud as Animals” I noticed the sheen in Sensei’s eyes before Abbas did ….. This was strange. The Sensei I knew was hard as rock. Why would he be crying because of a stupid little argument between me and Abbas? “You’re both an example of everything fundamentally wrong with this country” Sensei continued. “I’m very sorry about your brother Joshua, but you of all people should know that Abbas had nothing to do with it, and the fact that he’s a Muslim doesn’t mean that he supports the fanatical ideologies of the people that carried out that heinous crime”. And I’m sorry Joshua said some wrong words about you and your religion Abbas, but it is as a result of what he’s going through and what he thinks he knows about Islam. It is up to you to teach him that it is otherwise. Show him that Islam isn’t a religion of violence. We are the change we need in the world, and if you want to make a change, you should be ready to always work on it…. Two wrongs can’t make a right” With those words Sensei stood up and looked down on us.

“Finally, I will not any tolerate disruptive behavior in my Dojo, even from the both of you. You will immediately settle this issue between the two of you.  You will start with a bout of of Randori. Take your positions!!

Randori (乱取り?) is a term used in Japanese martial arts to describe free-style practice. The term literally means “chaos taking” or “grasping freedom,” implying a freedom from the structured practice of kata. The exact meaning of randori depends on the martial art it is used in. In judo, jujitsu and Shodokan Aikido, among others, it most often refers to one-on-one sparring where partners attempt to resist and counter each other’s techniques. In other styles of aikido, in particular Aikikai, it refers to a form of practice in which a designated aikidoka defends against multiple attackers in quick succession without knowing how they will attack or in what order.

PS:I’m not a Muslim, neither am I a christain. I’m actually one of the rare folks that realized that despite the fact that you’re dedicated to one or the other, the fundamental principles remain the same and that’s why I make the declaration that I’mneither both nor non. Till we all realize that we have either good or evil in us…. Irrespective of our religion. We’ll continue feuding. This post is supposed to be ‘touching’ and more importantly suppose to make you realize that despite the fact that we are either Christians or Muslims , we go through the same trials each day. The same PHCN no dey give us light, na the same water Board we no know weda dey exist or not, na the Same ASUU dey on strike, na the same labor market job no dey. So why kill each other? Why hate each other ? We should gang up and eliminate the bourgeoisie instead!!.


Ramadan Posts : Ramadan Resolutions.

Ramadhan Resolutions

To cut down on nasheeds
And pile up my scale of good deeds.

To not only memorize and recite
But reflect and ponder about the Qur’an

To resist the urge to backbite
And act as much of a believer as I can

To stop hating on people for no reason
And love all I come across no matter the season

To make better use of the time Allah has given
And spread His Word to those who listen

To do good even if no one is around
And give my Deen a total rebound

To turn away from all forms of immorality
And dedicate my existence to helping humanity