The Reinvention Of Man




“And so it happened that man again bent to the will of nature – disguised as normal body physiology and went to sleep. Images of yesternight’s activities with breasts-bearing humans didn’t leave his memory. Alas! His brain never went to sleep!”

“In due time, life – once arrested and held captive in the testicles; escaped via the bridge of destiny out into the world. You see son, the is a natural process. What is unnatural  is how life – or semen; escaped the reaches of Man’s undergarments and touched Virgin Earth at the junction of her legs which birthed a new life form”.

“Several people throughout history have tried to create life as Man wanted to be God. Hetried to create others like him and with improvements. Men who can be like water – shapeless, formless, gentle., flawless but effective and able to generate endless energy for activities when needs arise. This Rameses II wanted. He wanted the pyramids to be completed in time for his son’s big wedding. He sought the help of his wise allies and seers but they told him what they told his father only moons ago: It is impossible and “unnatural”

“Shah Jahan went a step further. He took prisoners from the kingdom’s major slammer and tried to condition them with science, mysticism and exercises to reach superhuman capabilities humans couldn’t possibly attain. His Taj Mahal was the end product; but the losses were too much. Too much for even the marble paradise that stands today. The Turks too in their conquests sought to field soldiers with far more durability than the feeble human body can offer. Warriors that were near invincible. They failed. More recently, the Germans tried to improve their people. Being the “Master Race”, the sought to improve their people by carrying out insanely inhuman experiments at their extermination camps. The result? A failure. Just like of those before them. They all failed. Rameses, Shah Jahan, Kublai Khan, the Ottoman Sultan, the Führer. They failed woefully. Shouldn’t humans realise their place and stop looking for holes in the fabric of nature? Man continued to try. He failed. And continually failed”.

“But dad…..”

“Hush Son!”

“On a related note, legends have it that at the time of Emperor Vlad, the Impaler, “distinct” humans arose 2 decades after the last impalements were carried out. They were said to have risen “from the dust” a la Adam. The only thing different being that they were formed from the semen of men who during their process of departure from this realm lost all control over their own physiology. Renaissance thinkers however where swift to dismiss these stories. All other “rumours” about people with single parenthood too were quelled save one. But now we know better”.

“Dad. Its 2 am in the morning. Why are you telling me all these strange stuffs?”

“Son, you know how you were able to outrun your other brothers since you were three? How you continued to thrive at sports? How you never really got injured doing extreme physical activities and why the animals like you? Yes. Your mother is not your mother. Goodnight child. Sleep well”